Wild Mane


Wild Mane
Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Wild Mane is a Charger Vanguard notable for her displacement capability and guard deployment cost reduction. She can be used as a helidrop damage dealer to quickly shred weaker enemies, but her damage output is severely limited against enemies with so much as mid-level armor. Her other skill allows for better damage output against armor while pushing enemies on every attack.

Trait:Obtain 1 DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the original DP Cost when retreated

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
80 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cell

Wild Mane’s stats are nothing out of the ordinary for the branch. The notable thing however is that she is the only welfare operator to get two -10s redeploy time potentials, putting her down to a base redeploy time of 60 seconds. This is in place of the usual talent upgrade, but still indirectly improves it while bringing other benefits.


  • Lowest redeploy time among welfares; helps her be dropped in and out more often to make use of skills and talent
  • Can very quickly shred low-armor enemies as a helidrop with S1
  • Reducing DP cost for all undeployed guards each time she is deployed makes her a useful early placement for guard-centric teams
  • Consistent and useful pushing on S2 without much investment required


  • S1 damage output plummets against higher DEF without buffs
  • 1-block means she will have trouble with consistently pushing multiple mid-weight enemies with S2
  • Talent won’t really be impactful outside of the beginning of a mission


Forward March

After deployment, all undeployed Guard Operators get DP Cost -1 (each Operator can have a maximum of -5 DP Cost before each deployment)

This talent is easy to make use of considering guards are a very common class. You don’t have to go out of your way to make use of this thanks to the branch trait, which refunds their entire initial DP cost on retreat. It’s possible to simply place her, retreat right after, and all your undeployed guards are 1 DP cheaper with no real cost. Keeping her placed down is entirely up to you and depends on how long you may need her, but it isn’t necessary to benefit from the talent.


Stabbing Lance

Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

After deployment, ASPD +135

A huge ASPD boost that gives her fairly high DPS against lower DEF targets. Note that without any additional ATK boosts to help her, once enemies are at a middling level of armor the DPS of this skill plummets. In levels with a lot of weak early enemies, especially slugs and dogs, she kills multiple of them with ease. This helps jump-start your DP economy thanks to the 1 DP gained per kill.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The skill gains a bit more duration and ASPD with masteries, which isn’t going to be very relevant unless you really start building her with this skill in mind, but even then it’s a bit questionable.

Recommended Skill

Lance Charge

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

Attack Range expands, ATK +80%. Attacks will push the target towards the attack direction moderately

X1operator cellactive cellactive cell

An interesting skill thanks to its pushing capability. It has a decent ATK buff, which makes her actually do well in combat, and the push is medium at all levels, so it’s easy to make good use of with little investment. Combined with her high attack speed and range extension, she can keep a large amount of low-weight enemies you’d face in earlier parts of a level at bay. Her only issue is that it is fairly easy for her to be overwhelmed once medium-weight enemies get involved.

The range expansion does open up some utility with her; she can be placed behind another ally and provide constant push support. Even some heavier enemies, as long as they are just slightly nudged, will have their attacks canceled from it, which is useful.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

While the skill is interesting and definitely has its uses; the main selling point of it would be a push force upgrade. It’s medium at all levels, so there’s not much benefit to doing masteries since it’s already at a decent spot. Overall, better off saving your resources to use on other more impactful masteries.


Wild Mane module

Spear Replacement Suit


Attack Power
Attack Speed
Generates DP after this unit defeats an enemy; Refunds the current DP Cost when retreated
Self redeployment time -15 seconds. After deployment, all undeployed Guard Operators get DP Cost -1 (each Operator can have a maximum of -5 DP Cost before each deployment)

The stage 1 additional trait is quite good, as 2 DP per kill, especially against earlier trash mobs, adds up quickly. The full refund on retreat is a good upgrade, especially for a unit like Wild Mane who wishes to be used early and retreated soon after. Stage 2 and 3 upgrades can be helpful but aren’t that important if not going for a strategy centered around using Wild Mane’s talent to decrease Guard DP cost. The ATK and ASPD boosts are fine, but with Wild Mane’s kit they don’t add up to being anything too useful by themselves.

Recommended Stage

The module doesn’t do much for either of Wild Mane’s skills. It’s mostly centered around her talent, which decreases the DP cost of Guard operators with every deployment, which is negligible in the long run. In the time you have to wait to deploy Wild Mane again for the DP reduction, you’d benefit more from simply using a proper DP producing Vanguard. This makes it so only the first use of Wild Mane early in a stage really matters, as with the module upgrade she generates good DP per kill and is fully refunded on retreat. But due to the lack of damage with S1 for killing mobs above low DEF and S2 actively pushing them away from her rather than focusing on just killing them for the DP, it’s somewhat counterintuitive. The resources for this module are better used elsewhere.



6SupporterDecel Binder

The main benefit will be Angelina’s ability to reduce enemy weight. This allows a whole new weight-bracket of enemies to be easily held back by Wild Mane’s S2 for the entire skill duration. Angelina also provides a small ASPD buff, while also being able to provide slows to make it even easier to stall even the higher weights that Wild Mane would still struggle to keep pushing.



Bagpipe enables much easier helidropping with Wild Mane’s S2, which can open up opportunities in maps with holes. Wild Mane can be easily used to drop multiple enemies into holes as a quick helidrop. It’s very situational, but has enough potential to be noteworthy for some players.

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