Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack

Warfarin is a Single-target Medic known for providing one of the largest additive ATK buffs in the game. While she has lower sustained healing than others in her branch, her strength is in her utility-focused kit that’s much more valuable to more developed rosters. This has led to her being recognized as one of the more valuable Medic options to raise.

Trait:Restores the HP of allies

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
2.87 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell


  • S2 offers an extremely strong ATK buff
  • High initial SP makes buff skill easy to helidrop
  • Talent SP battery provides a passive bonus to herself and allies within range


  • S2’s random targeting requires you to place her with only one unit in range for reliable buffing, meaning she won’t be able to perform her other roles (for the rest of your team); other units can be placed in her range after her focused buff is no longer needed


Blood Sample Recycle

Restores 2 Skill Points to this Operator and a random ally within range when an enemy within range is killed

This talent works well with her preference for a low number of operators in range, where it can noticeably cut down cooldowns. If you’re using her as a conventional medic in a larger group, it won’t be as notable, but still gives a nice boost. It’s important to note that this SP battery is secondary to her ATK buff. Warfarin’s placement with S2 should prioritize having fewer allies in range for consistent buffing, rather than having enemies in range for recovering SP


Emergency Triage

Offensive RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
0 sec

The next heal restores an additional 25% of its target's Max HP
Only available when the target's HP is lower than 50%; Can store 4 charge(s)

Useful if all you need is a competent conventional medic. This skill will do the job most of the time even at SL7. It’s especially welcome in situations where there are weaker enemies between dangerous waves, such that she can build up charges. It scales especially well with units that have high max HP, helping make up for their usually low DEF.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The main thing this skill gains from mastery is an additional charge at M3, but that won’t fundamentally change how it’s used and won’t generally impact whether a strategy will work or not. Where you need more healing than it already offers at SL7, in most cases, a different medic will do the job better, so mastery is not recommended.

Recommended Skill

Unstable Plasma

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Warfarin and a random ally within range obtain the following status:
ATK +90% and loses 3% of Max HP every second, lasting for 15 seconds

Note: The status from this skill can be granted to summons and unhealable operators within Warfarin’s range

A massive ATK buff with an easy-to-mitigate HP loss, easily managed by Warfarin alone for both herself and the target. The main consideration in use is its random targeting, but this is much less of a restriction than it may seem at first glance.

The recommended way to play this skill is to position her where she’ll only have the target unit in range. You can wait and helidrop them together to take down a dangerous boss or wave. Warfarin can serve as a conventional healer for the other unit while on cooldown.

While the skill can serve as a periodic boost to any unit in range, this is far from an impactful role for newer players. Later in the game, as your reliance on healing diminishes and your options increase, this skill becomes a lot more valuable.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Mastery holds a third of the total ATK buff and makes helidropping easier. Your priority for mastery of this skill will ultimately depend on how much you value buffing-oriented strategies, although it’s one worth having in your toolbox. For those who prefer strategies centered around buffing a key unit, the skill can be a high priority; otherwise players may be satisfied with SL7, resulting in an overall medium priority for mastery. It’s a relatively low cost investment for its gains, making it an easy recommendation for players who want to experiment with a buff army playstyle.


Warfarin module

Emergency Reserve


Attack Power
When healing units with less than 50% HP, +15% healing effectiveness
Restores 2 Skill Points to this Operator and a random ally within range when an enemy within range is killed; if the enemy killed is an Elite or Leader, additional SP restored +2

The Stage 1 module helps up her healing performance a bit, letting you get away with using her as your only medic in more scenarios. It also synergizes well with her S1, as the +15% applies to the heal amount added based on the target’s max HP. However, none of the module stages do much for her as a buffer. The additional SP won’t substantially impact either the helidrop capability or the following skill cycles of Warfarin and allies in her range. It may somewhat help with Warfarin’s own SP costs (as allies will often have their skills active to kill elite enemies), but will be largely dependent on her placement and the amount of elite enemies in the stage.

Recommended Stage

The module, while situationally useful, doesn't do enough for her most valuable asset—her ability to buff an ally’s ATK—to justify the cost. The extra SP under the added condition doesn’t make her talent much more notable. At most, it might be worth grabbing the first stage if you prefer using her with S1 as your main medic and would like to give her a boost in healing performance.


Well-Scaling Operators

While she can work well with all kinds of DPS-oriented operators, she’s most effective with those who rely on high base ATK, multiple hits, fast attack speeds or ATK multipliers for their burst damage output. The buff she provides is additive with other +% ATK buffs, so operators such as Nearl the Radiant Knight or Surtr won’t get as big of a relative improvement due to the already high additive modifiers on their skills.

Very High HP Operators

Warfarin's S1 may seem underwhelming as a regular medic skill, but it works great with units that have very high max HP. Some of those units include Surtr, Skadi, and Specter the Unchained with their S3s active. Warfarin can help these units tank high amounts of damage that a regular DEF-based tank wouldn't be able to survive. She can also help keep Surtr alive for longer during her S3, but will require many more medics to actually keep up with Surtr's massive HP loss.

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Last updatedOctober 19, 2022