Rarity: 4 stars
Rarity: 4 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Roberta is an Artificer Supporter who can increase the survivability of herself and other operators with her Modelers. These Modelers can increase DEF and give shields to any operator or summon occupying a melee tile. With their use Roberta can mitigate damage almost anywhere on the map, while being reasonably tanky herself even without the use of her Modelers.

Trait:Blocks 2 enemies; Can use <Support Devices> in battles

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.5 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cell

Roberta’s stats are quite unlike any other melee unit. She is more tanky than the average 2-block guard, and her DPS is quite low, with ATK similar to a Fighter Guard but a much longer attack interval. She has very high DEF for non-defender melee units, and her skills both increase her DEF even further, giving her great survivability.


  • Good defensive capability for her DP cost
  • Can deploy Modelers across the whole map (both ranged and melee tiles)
  • Modelers can block attacks with up to 2 shields and increase DEF, making them useful in many scenarios


  • Less effective at stalling than an actual defender
  • Modelers (and their effects) are time-limited and they’re not available frequently enough to massively help out a team


Modeler Debugging

Carries 3 Modelers (max 3 deployed at once). Modelers grant DEF +30% and 2 Shields to the melee allied unit ahead (lasts for 25 seconds, DEF increase does not stack)

Roberta’s talent is what makes her special. In most situations, you’ll be using the Modelers mainly for the shields and not the DEF buff, as there aren’t many operators with shields in the game. Modelers can apply their effects to operators or summons on melee tiles. The Modelers themselves can be placed on both melee and ranged tiles.

A shield gained from the Modeler can block any one instance of arts, physical, or true damage. However, they cannot block elemental damage and status effects like Freeze or Stun. The shields are always consumed before an operator’s own shields and before any dodge and block effects are calculated. These shields can also be stacked if multiple Modelers are deployed facing one operator, but note that the DEF buff cannot be stacked this way.

Overall Modelers are a great source of damage mitigation and work well against slow-attacking, high-damage enemies. They usually don’t find much use outside of that niche.


Siracusan-Style Makeup

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
35 sec

ATK+50%, DEF+50%

This skill is a simple ATK and DEF buff, and for that reason, isn’t really worth using. While the modifiers themselves are okay, they’re just okay, and come at the expense of not being able to generate more Modelers. This skill can find some use in shorter stages or where Roberta needs to deal more damage, but is generally not recommended.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

This skill isn’t recommended to invest in for the reasons stated above. Even considering its very niche use, there aren’t any significant breakthroughs in the masteries and the total modifier increase isn’t that big.

Full Auto Modeler

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
25 sec

Stops attacking; Block +1, DEF +80%; When the skill ends, obtain 1 Modeler

With the DEF and Block increase, Roberta can act as a nice and cheap substitute for a regular Defender for the duration. This is useful in cases where you don’t need a pure tank, since she can be used to boost allies’ survivability instead. The Modeler is generated after the skill ends, so make sure to time its activation well in order to have one ready when you need it. Remember that Roberta can hold at most 3 Modelers.

To maximize Modeler generation without worrying about enemies getting past Roberta, it’s recommended to place her in a non-essential blocking spot or pair her up with another blocker. Using Roberta as a full Defender replacement with this skill is possible, but requires some map knowledge.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The lack of initial SP increase or a larger decrease in SP cost render masteries for this skill pretty unimportant. While the DEF modifier increase is nothing to scoff at, it’s also usually not necessary, given Roberta’s already decent DEF at skill level 7.

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Last updatedMarch 21, 2022