Nine-Colored Deer


Nine-Colored Deer
Rarity: 5 stars
LimitedRarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack
Arts Damage

Nine-colored Deer is an Abjurer Supporter specialized in mitigating damage and on-skill healing. She is not too different from other Abjurers, with a somewhat balanced focus on utilizing both her Shelter effect and healing. She has a rather unique kit that doesn’t end up very competitive due to some drawbacks and lack of utility. She finds her niche mostly in Integrated Strategies as an alternate form of healing, since medics may not always be available.

Trait:Deals Arts damage; When skill is active, attacks instead restore the HP of allies (heal amount is equal to 75% of ATK)

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.6 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X2active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3active celloperator cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X5empty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell


  • Offers a rare Shelter effect that reduces damage taken, the HP restriction of which is lifted with her S2
  • Gains high chance for self to block physical damage with S2


  • Shelter effect is rather weak compared to other defensive effects such as DEF buffs and enemy ATK debuffs
  • Exclusively on-skill healing combined with rather poor uptime on her main skill makes for a weak healing option
  • Her physical damage block is rendered useless in most scenarios as the strongest ranged threats are usually Arts damage


Ethereal Iridescent Clouds

Apply 20% Sanctuary effect to allies within range with less than 40% HP

Shelter: Reduce Physical and Arts damage taken (only the strongest effect of this type applies)

This talent can be useful in some scenarios but ultimately doesn’t make much of a difference due to the lack of a significant multiplier. Shelter is also not generally used due to being a rather weak defensive effect.


Fortune Bringer of the Mortal Realm

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
25 sec

ATK +60%

This skill is generally much weaker than her S2, however, it has a small niche in replacing a medic if one is not available. It doesn’t carry any special effects that S2 has, but it has a better uptime and faster rotation, making it more useful than S2 in some niche scenarios.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

This skill is almost exclusively used in scenarios where a medic isn’t available, such as Integrated Strategies, where it usually won’t get a chance to be used above sl7. The mastery gains aren’t that big so it’s usually not worth considering.

Recommended Skill

Return to the Immortal Mountain

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

ASPD +50 and gain 70% ranged Physical resist. HP Ratio required to activate this unit's Talent is increased to 100%

This skill will be the one mostly used by Nine-Colored Deer. It increases her HPS and survivability but its main point is the lift of the HP percentage restriction on her talent. It lets her help allies tank heavy hits from high ATK enemies such as bosses, regardless of their current HP. Due to how damage in the game is calculated, debuffing enemy ATK or buffing ally DEF is more effective than just applying Shelter. The skill may still find some use in situations where one of the aforementioned effects isn't enough or to help rotate them.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

This skill is generally outclassed by other defensive effects as it doesn't offer any increase to the Shelter effect percentage, but it may find some use depending on your strategy. If you plan on using this skill specifically, you may want to upgrade it to M1 as it's the level with the most benefits. Further masteries aren't recommended.

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Last updatedJuly 29, 2022