The Radiant Knight


Nearl The Radiant Knight
Rarity: 6 stars
LimitedRarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Nearl the Radiant Knight is a Dreadnought Guard capable of high physical and true damage output. She has the usual high stats associated with the branch, but also offers other tools which help her stand out. Between her strength as a helidrop operator who ignores deployment limits and the focus on better survivability, Nearl is a formidable operator.

Trait:Blocks 1 enemy

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.5 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cell

The main thing worth mentioning here is that she has the highest raw base ATK in the branch. Combined with her comparable skill modifiers and the DEF ignore talent, it helps her scale better against highly armored enemies than the others.


  • High survivability and damage output both on the field and as a helidrop
  • Second skill allows her to cost no deployment slots
  • Third skill summon is very durable and helps cover for innate 1-block
  • All non-helidrop skills have additional range, allowing more flexible deployment
  • Passive DEF ignore helps reinforce her high physical damage per hit, making her great against armor even when not dealing true damage


  • True damage outside of talent is conditional and requires open tiles nearby to make the most use of
  • Has very long redeployment time if used as a redeploy without having previously placed a Kazimierz unit
  • Being 1-block limits capabilities in lanes without additional help while skills are down


Brave the Darkness

When deploying, deals 80% ATK as True damage to enemies in the four adjacent tiles and Stuns them for 3 seconds. If the previously deployed Operator is from Kazimierz, deals an additional hit

X1empty cellactive cellempty cell
X2active celloperator cellactive cell
X3empty cellactive cellempty cell

Useful talent for a unit that can commonly be used as a helidrop. The stun alone is helpful, but the AoE true damage on top helps make it more notable. The damage isn’t applied instantly upon deployment, meaning it is possible to apply buffs. This is most easily done with passive radial and global buffs, or from Nearl’s own S2 ATK buff. It’s also worth noting that, so long as Nearl was the last unit deployed, she’ll take herself into account for this talent’s double hit bonus for the next deployment.


Attacks ignore 20% DEF

A great talent for any physical damage dealer, especially as it doesn’t rely on chance and has a decent value. This talent complements her already high ATK, making it even easier to deal with armored enemies.


Flaming Edge

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Attack Range expands, ATK +70% and ASPD +50
Unlimited duration

X1operator cellactive cellactive cell

Actually reasonably powerful. It lets her compete in DPS with the more powerful laneholders and the range extension helps more easily reach from awkward places, such as from behind defenders or into another lane. Its main downside remains the fact that she still only blocks 1 enemy, making it easy for her to leak enemies when alone while the skill is charging. Even when active, she lacks the durability or sustain to truly hold without support, and the range extension doesn’t make up for it. Ultimately this skill doesn’t bring enough to the table to be worth using over the others.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The skill gets good gains to its ATK and ASPD buffs with mastery, but the lack of SP cost improvements really holds it back from being something more. It takes nearly as long to charge up as Blaze or Thorns, while lacking several aspects in comparison. It’s strictly worse than her other two skills, even with mastery, meaning it doesn’t really have a place; Both in her kit and in a wider team. Because of this, it’s very hard to recommend getting any masteries for it.

Recommended Skill

Night-Scouring Gleam

Initial SP
SP Cost
27 sec

Passive Effect: Deployment does not consume deployment slots.
After deployment, ATK +160% and gain 4 Shields. After the skill duration, automatically retreat and extend Redeployment Time by 25%. If the previously deployed Operator is from Kazimierz, the Redeployment Time will not be extended

This is Nearl’s helidrop skill, bringing strong damage output alongside good survivability. This is important because, while others within the branch are all able to deal good damage upon deployment, they lack the survivability needed to go against hard-hitting targets. To combat this she can tank multiple hits thanks to the shield layers, regardless of the amount or type of damage. This survivability advantage opens up many more opportunities for her to do good work even against what would otherwise be impossible-to-tank enemies. However, be wary of ranged enemies targeting her and wasting shield layers if you’re relying on them to survive.

One of the more unique aspects of this skill is how she takes up no deployment slots with it. This enables her to be used even in situations where you’re tight on deployment space and would otherwise have to retreat someone else. She can be used as a backup slot, both aggressively and defensively, with the main tradeoff being the increased redeploy time and the forced retreat.

The skill synergizes well with her first talent, as the skill’s ATK buff will boost its damage. Similarly to the talent, she’ll take herself into account for the redeployment time condition. This means that if you chain her deployments you will get both the double true damage and her normal redeploy time.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 1+

The main breakpoint for this skill comes from the shield count increase, as it’s one of the skill’s biggest strengths. Going from 3 to 4 with M1 is very significant and makes this mastery upgrade important if you plan on using the skill. Outside of that, there’s good improvements to the ATK buff with mastery and the increased duration at M3 can help a bit in situations where you need her deployed for as long as possible. This makes it worthwhile to upgrade it past M1.

Recommended Skill

Blazing Sun's Obeisance

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
25 sec

Summons a 'Blazing Sun' on a deployable ground tile within the four adjacent tiles, dealing 110% ATK as True damage to nearby enemies and Stunning them for 3 seconds. Attack Range expands, ATK +140%, DEF +100% and damage type changes to True damage when attacking enemies blocked by self or the 'Blazing Sun'

X1active cellempty cellempty cell
X2active cellactive cellempty cell
X3operator cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellempty cell
X5active cellempty cellempty cell

Summon Stats

'Blazing Sun'
Attack Power
Attack Speed
1 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
0 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cell

While this skill is one of the best sources of true damage in the game if used right, which alone is a good enough reason to use it, it also has good stalling utility and helps deal with the branch’s weaknesses thanks to the summon. The summon is very tanky and provides a way for Nearl to block more enemies to help deal with her being a 1-block operator. The true damage dealt from summoning it is affected by the ATK buff from the skill itself, making the skill start off strong with an initial burst of true damage. Having an extended range also helps her cover not only her own lane, but nearby lanes as well, opening up multiple placement opportunities. Overall the skill solidifies a strong position for Nearl as a strong operator, able to deal with multiple enemies more easily while keeping the branch’s strengths of dealing with priority targets.

The skill’s main drawback is that, unless the enemies are blocked by herself or the summon, she will be dealing physical damage. Nearl has high physical damage output where, realistically, even if the conditions are not met, she deals enough damage to still be relevant. Since the summon will stun enemies for 3 seconds when summoned, Nearl can easily get a couple true damage hits in even against things that would one-shot the summon (so long as the target isn’t stun immune). Thanks to its durability, it’s unlikely that it will die quickly outside of extreme situations, making it easy to deal a lot of true damage even against the toughest of enemies.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Mastery upgrades for this skill are fairly straightforward, as they are mainly stat upgrades and SP cost decreases. It has a minor boost to the true damage from the summon’s deployment at M1 paired with a steady increase to both its ATK and DEF buffs throughout masteries. Most important are the improvements to its SP cost and initial SP. Getting a 5 initial SP boost at M1 and then lowered total cost allow this skill to be viable as a potential helidrop by M3. Only requiring 15 SP at M3 to activate helps put it in a good spot, similar to other high-performance helidrop skills. Outside of that, these improvements are also good for non-helidrop usage, helping raise its uptime.


Nearl the Radiant Knight module

Blade of Blazing Sun


Attack Power
When attacking blocked enemies, increase ATK to 115%
Attacks ignore 28% DEF

The additional multiplier against blocked enemies has a strong impact on damage output combined with Nearl’s high ATK buffs. Its upgrades simply improve her damage output against highly armored enemies, but are wasted against lower DEF ones. Additional HP and ATK are always welcome for a melee class—especially the ATK boost, which is further improved by the aforementioned ATK buffs and multiplier.

Recommended Stage
Stage 1

This module works very well with the entirety of Nearl’s kit and is a high boost to her damage in situations where she excels. Her S1's extended range allows her to be placed behind a blocker, her S2 can be placed on top of an enemy or as backup against already blocked enemies, and her S3's extended range allows for targeting more enemies, such as those the summon blocks. Further upgrading the module isn’t recommended as the costs outweigh the benefits too much; however, the upgrades may still come into use in some scenarios..




His redeploy time reduction talent helps mitigate Nearl’s S2 downside a lot and makes it feel less punishing not to deploy her after a Kazimierz operator. If you’re planning to use her as a helidrop with that skill often, just having Silverash in your squad can help quite a bit.

Skadi the Corrupting Heart


Skadi’s global presence helps Nearl a lot when she’s being used as a helidrop operator. Since she has a radial buff around herself and her summon, and the summon is so cheap, she makes it very easy to buff Nearl anywhere on the map. Her S2 also helps cover for Nearl’s lack of survivability once the shields are down, since it provides both a DEF buff and good HP regen. The seaborn lasts as long as the full duration of Nearl S2 (Or 2 seconds shorter if Nearl is S2M3) and has a much shorter redeploy time, so it’s very easy to coordinate the two.

When used with Nearl’s S3, Skadi can also boost the survivability of Nearl’s summon with the same added defense and healing. Keeping it alive helps Nearl keep dealing true damage safely as it holds back enemies and soaks up ranged enemy aggro.



Gravel works well together with Nearl as a helidrop tag team in your squad. Being a Kazimierz operator means she can trigger Nearl’s Talent 1 and S2 bonuses as early as the first deployment. Nearl not taking up a deployment slot when using S2 means that you can turn the one slot that you’d use Gravel for to tank an enemy into a more aggressive one, with her taking the initial hits while Nearl can safely dish out damage. When Gravel is retreated, Nearl still has her own shield layers to protect herself. The two together should be enough to, at the very least, deal a high amount of damage to most priority targets.

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