Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack

Mulberry is a Wandering Medic whose main use is negating elemental damage, while still being able to function as a regular medic. She can be used in situations that require either sustained or burst elemental healing, depending on which skill is selected. While she may fall behind in pure healing compared to other medic branches, her elemental healing may increase the team’s survivability even more than regular HP recovery depending on the stage.

Trait:Restores the HP of allies
Recovers Elemental damage equal to 50% of Attack Power
(Can heal Elemental damage of unhurt units)

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
2.87 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X2active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X5empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

Mulberry’s ATK is below average for a Medic, with her HP and DEF being on the lower end. Although something to mention is that unlike other branches, Wandering Medics have a base 10 RES, making them a little bit more resistant against arts damage.


  • Provides both burst and sustained elemental damage healing, depending on her skill
  • Can decrease elemental damage taken, so even operators she isn’t healing directly can benefit from being in her range


  • Worse at healing than other branches
  • Squishier compared to other medics



When Mulberry and at least one more Medic Operator are on the battlefield, all Medic Operators gain +10% ATK

Mulberry’s talent is really quite simple. It’s quite good when she’s used alongside another medic that can focus on recovering the operators’ HP, covering Mulberry’s weakness. It’s not that big of a bonus but it’s nice to have.


Recommended Skill

Healing Haze

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
0 sec

Increases the next heal's healing effect and Elemental Damage recovery to 180% and prioritizes the target with the highest Elemental Damage taken
Can store up to 2 charges

This skill is Mulberry’s source of sustained elemental healing. It’s great to use in stages that have few sources of elemental damage, or in some maps where timing Mulberry’s other skill would be hard, like annihilation stages. It’s a good skill that will find a lot of use. It is also the easier of the two to use, as it doesn’t require timing the skill activation.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 1

Mastery I is the most important mastery level for this skill, as it increases the number of charges held and decreases the SP cost. M3 decreases the SP cost even further, making it possible for her to use it on every attack, but is quite an expensive investment. Overall, this skill has a medium priority for M1 just because of how cheap it is. While it does benefit from further masteries, M1 will be enough for most content where Mulberry will be needed.

Recommended Skill

Safe Zone

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

Attack Interval reduces significantly and prioritizes the target with the highest Elemental Damage taken. All allied units within Attack Range receive 35% less Elemental Damage

This skill is the stronger of the two in some scenarios, as it both provides elemental damage reduction to all allies in Mulberry’s large range and has fairly high healing for the duration. For the skill duration, her attacks are instantaneous instead of projectiles; this helps because of her large range, where eliminating the travel time can save an operator. Additionally, the on-skill damage reduction will pre-empt large burst elemental damage, such as from the First Speaker. Treat it as you would other burst healing skills.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 2

The main breakpoint at M2 stems from the greater attack interval reduction, significantly increasing the amount of healing she can put out. It has a low priority because it’s both more expensive than her other skill’s breakpoint and because, as of the time of writing, it’s overkill for most practical scenarios.




For people who prefer using Mulberry’s S2, Ptilopsis’ synergy comes mainly from the significant uptime improvement it offers, cutting about 16 seconds from its cooldown. As a cherry on top, having both deployed means they’ll both gain an ATK buff from Mulberry’s talent.

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Last updatedMarch 21, 2022