Rarity: 6 stars
Rarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Młynar is a Liberator Guard with both incredible damage output and high survivability. He makes great use of the innate traits and statline of the branch with his talents and skills. With his 2nd talent, he can be actively useful during skill downtime, where he is unable to attack or block thanks to the taunt and reflect. While during skill uptime, he can make use of the ATK-stacking trait with high ATK multipliers with S3, and can even work around his long build-up with S2. Młynar’s strengths more than make up for his few weaknesses, and ultimately his kit comes together to make him one of the best damage dealers in the game.

Trait:Normally does not attack and has 0 Block; When skill is inactive, ATK gradually increases up to +200% over 40 seconds. ATK is reset when the skill ends

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.2 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1active cellempty cell
X2operator cellactive cell
X3active cellempty cell


  • Very high damage output on skills with a fast cycle that make full use of his branch trait (S2 retaining built up buff after use and S3 cooldown lining up with full ATK charge)
  • Low DP cost allows for him to be deployed and start charging early, while the taunt from his Talent 2 makes sure he can still be used to tank ranged damage and reflect attacks
  • Useful bonus true damage for all Kazimierz operators from his Talent 2 and S3


  • Inability to block and attack off-skill makes him ill-suited to fend early rushes or constant enemy waves alone
  • Skills aside from S2 work poorly with SP boosts, as he has to wait 40 seconds to make full use of his trait, regardless of skill charging time
  • Unable to reach maximum damage output as a quick helidrop option



ATK increased to 110% when attacking. If there are 3 or more enemies nearby, ATK increased to 115%, and take 15% less damage

Note: Bonus effect counts the 8 adjacent tiles.

A useful talent that enhances his strong points, even further if enemies are nearby. The boost is multiplicative with the multiplier from all his skills, making it much more significant than just a basic ATK buff talent. He won’t make use of the higher boost often, but it will be useful when tanky enemies get close to him, helping him dispose of them faster.


More likely to be attacked while deployed. When any Kazimierz Operator is attacked, reflect 15% of Młynar's ATK as True Damage

Liberators may want to be placed early to charge as soon as possible, but lower targeting priority from early placement means they can’t make use of their high survivability. Młynar is an exception and remains useful off-skill even as the first deployment thanks to his Taunt, plays well with his own damage reflection.

The reflection applying to other Kazimierz operators is most notable in Kazimierz-themed teams, but can be useful sometimes even if you use only one or two besides Młynar. It can be activated by most radial damage auras from enemies (e.g. Patriot in phase 2), and can make them take a decent amount of true damage, especially if combined with Młynar’s S3.


Unvoiced Anger

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

Attacks deal 200% ATK as Physical damage, DEF +60%

While the damage output isn’t bad by itself, it’s still outright worse than both his other skills. The DEF buff is not too useful in most situations since he already has a high HP pool and good DEF stat. Other skills can take down enemies faster and from further away, usually getting rid of threats before they can damage Młynar, rendering the bonus DEF a mostly pointless tradeoff.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The main draw of masteries would be the DEF modifier increase, which as mentioned, is a useless upgrade. S1 is not worth using within his own kit, thus its masteries end up not being worth the cost. There are much better options for tanking which don’t sacrifice other useful roles.

Unresolved Sorrow

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

Attack interval increased, attack range increased, attacks deal 190% ATK twice.
If an enemy has been defeated while skill is active, Trait effect is not reset when skill expires. This can be manually deactivated. (Skill can be halted at any time while active)

X1active cellactive cellempty cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cell
X3active cellactive cellempty cell

Note: If the skill is used before the trait is fully charged, it will resume charging from where it stopped as normal once the skill ends.

This skill has good single target damage output and, as long as he is capable of getting a direct kill over the duration, isn’t bound by needing to wait for his trait for maximum effectiveness. This minimizes one of the more significant weaknesses for Liberators. If you want to use him as someone who is more active in blocking and attacking, then this skill can be an effective option thanks to its fast cycle and manual deactivation giving you great control. Thanks to its capability to maintain the trait charge with kills, it can make effective use of SP boosts.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The mastery gains are more effective than they look thanks to how it works multiplicatively with his first talent. However, the skill simply isn’t very competitive after E2, as his third skill is simply a much stronger option to use whenever Młynar is on the team. For those interested in the fast cycle and control, the gains are linear until the final level which has a significant cycle improvement.

Recommended Skill

Unbrilliant Glory

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
28 sec

Attack range increased, Trait effect increased by 2x (trait multiplier -10% for each enemy defeated), attacks hit 5 targets for 180% ATK as Physical damage. When any enemy within range is attacked by a Kazimierz Operator, deal an extra 12% of Młynar ATK as True damage.

X1active cellactive cellempty cellempty cell
X2active cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X3operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X5active cellactive cellempty cellempty cell

Note: The modifier reduction applies to the final trait modifier, after the skill multiplier is applied, not the base 200%.

This is his strongest skill by a large margin, and his go-to for essentially any situation where you might need him: It has a very high total buff, large range, attacks a high number of targets, can target aerial enemies, and offers additional synergy with other Kazimierz operators, all of which his other skills lack.

The cooldown of the skill is only slightly longer than the time for his trait to reach max charge. This is a very short downtime considering how powerful the skill is. The large ATK boost plays together well with his reflect talent and the Kazimierz synergy, as both are based off of his current ATK stat.

Due to how high his ATK bonus from trait is, the reduction on each kill doesn’t feel like much, and he still has a very high damage output, even after killing a few enemies. It’s possible to circumvent it altogether if the actual killing blow is dealt by other operators.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

The skill is already very strong at SL7 due to its very high ATK buff, and is only further strengthened by masteries. The added duration on M1 and M3, alongside M3 improving the bonus true damage and reducing the SP cost, are powerful bonuses to the core of the skill. These masteries should be a high priority for anyone who wants to use Młynar.



Kazimierz Operators

Młynar fully benefits from his faction boosts, and makes excellent use of them by himself, but the faction has multiple operators that can also make use of his buffs very well. While the synergy itself isn’t something you really need to build your teams around, it’s a nice bonus especially as some of the benefiting operators are great by themselves. Within the faction, some benefit naturally due to how they will be used, such as Blemishine and Nearl The Radiant Knight, who are likely to be in a frontline position to be reflecting damage back at enemies with Młynar’s second talent, and dealing bonus damage with his S3. Some other notable ones that benefit from the faction synergy are:

  • Gravel: Gravel benefits from both of his buffs. During Mlynar’s S3, she can contribute some damage with her fast attacks. Off-skill, she can be an easy way to benefit from his damage reflection due to her focus of being a fast redeploy tank. Bonus points for not needing much investment at all.

  • Wild Mane: While her S1 gives her a huge ASPD boost, it isn’t very notable as her damage output is greatly hindered by even regular enemy DEF levels. This is subverted by Młynar’s S3, making her deal some bonus true damage, giving her a more interesting place within a Kazimierz team with her S1. She still won’t be dealing obscene amounts of damage, but requires very low investment for a decent bonus even against high DEF enemies.

  • Proviso: Her S2 slows and silences enemies within her range, which you can overlap within Młynar’s S3 range for more time on target if needed. She can also buff Młynar with her talent, and deal bonus true damage with her fast attacks during S2.

  • Flametail: Likely to be on the frontlines as a dodge-oriented Vanguard. She benefits from Młynar’s Talent 2, but can also utilize his S3 due to her fast attacks during her own S3. Additionally, Flametail herself can provide some support to Młynar in the form of her faction-wide dodge talent.

SP Boosts

There is no real reason to give Młynar SP boosts, as you want to make use of his trait bonus as much as possible and his output from both talents and skills relies on the ATK buff from his trait. This doesn’t apply to S2, as if he gets just a single kill within the skill duration, he maintains the buff after the skill ends, and builds it up further between activations if needed.

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Last updatedApril 1, 2023