Rarity: 6 stars
Rarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack

Lumen is a Therapist Medic specialized in instant removal of status effects. On top of the branch’s ability to grant Resist, Lumen is also capable of instantly removing status effects from allies with his skills. This gives him a strong edge against the competition by allowing him to handle debilitating statuses on multiple operators very quickly. In cases where there aren’t many status effects to worry about, Lumen can be used as a regular medic, and is capable of using his S3 permanently for faster and stronger regular healing within his wide range.

Trait:Has a large healing range, but the healing amount on farther targets is reduced to 80%

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
2.87 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
80 sec
DP Cost
X1active cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X2active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X5active cellactive cellactive cellempty cell


  • Capable of reducing status durations passively with any heal and removing them instantly with skills
  • Ammo mechanic for status removals allows for S3 to be a pseudo-permanent skill without wasting uptime if status effects are not present for a while
  • Talent allows him to quickly respond to inflicted status effects for treatment


  • Talent can be inconsistent with its activations
  • S3 ammo can be wasted on low duration status effects
  • Fairly lengthy cooldowns on both instant status removal skills


An Everyman's Wish

Healing targets gain status resistance for 4 seconds. If the target's HP is above 75%, they gain status resistance for 6 seconds instead.

It allows Lumen to provide resistance passively to help deal with status effects. The standout effect is the bonus duration to operators healed when above the health threshold.

Quick Fix

When an ally within range receives a negative status, heal them for 80% of Lumen's ATK. 12 seconds cooldown.

A nice talent to help keep Lumen active and helping allies that need it by forcing him to target them. You can notice it’s ready by the fish floating around him. Its targeting and activation may be inconsistent at times, and the effect is applied with the next heal instead of instantaneously. Additionally, Lumen cannot target full HP units with it. Keep these aspects in mind when planning around this talent.


In Drizzle, Privation

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

The next attack causes the target and nearby allies to receive healing equal to 55% of Lumen's ATK every second for 5 seconds

A purely healing-oriented skill, which doesn’t end up too significant compared to his other skills. It’s primarily a filler skill if you have nothing else available and need Lumen as a pseudo-AoE medic.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The healing aura doesn’t improve much for the relative cost of upgrading, with only a small SP cost reduction at M3. The masteries are poor on top of the skill not being very worthwhile, making it an easy skip.

In Downpour, Grace

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Restore HP equal to 260% ATK to 3 allies within range;
Charged effect: Remove negative statuses from targets

The skill applies instantly upon activation, letting you clear status effects from multiple operators at once if charged. It gives you an easier way to deal with multiple status effects at once rather than relying on S3’s attack interval and targeting. The healing burst itself is a nice bonus and can help you in a pinch even when uncharged if needed.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 1

The first mastery level is most impactful as it increases the target count from 2 to 3, which is a good boost to its utility and total healing, and also improves the heal values and SP cost. Further masteries improve the latter two effects but are much less important than the target count increase, so they can be ignored.

Recommended Skill

This Lantern Undying

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

ATK +55%, ASPD +30, prioritizes healing units with negative statuses; ammo is consumed if the target has a negative status, increasing healing to 200% of ATK, and removing negative statuses from the target.
Attack has 8 ammo. Skill ends when all ammo is used (can manually deactivate skill)

Very useful when facing multiple spread out status effects, as the ammunition mechanic makes it easy to handle them without needing to wait on a timer like S2. It also works well for healing, as it increases his ATK and ASPD by a good amount to help with sustaining your team even without status effects. It serves as a good burst of healing thanks to the additional healing scaling when consuming ammo to remove statuses from an ally. Because it relies on targeting and his attack interval, if multiple operators are affected by statuses it can still take a while for him to help them out, but the ASPD boost helps a fair bit with that. Useful in most situations where you’d bring him.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

The skill functions well even without masteries, but it does gain all-around boost with each mastery upgrade if you want to get more out of Lumen. He gains improvements to the burst heal, ATK buff, and SP costs at all levels; level 1 additionally improves the ASPD, and levels 2 and 3 increase the ammo count of the skill. All useful upgrades that improve its effectiveness and give more leeway with skill usage that are worth considering.


Lumen module



Attack Power
Gain status resistance, and become less likely to be attacked
Healing targets gain status resistance for 5 seconds. If the target's HP is above 75%, they gain status resistance for 8 seconds instead.

The module at its core just gives more leeway in high pressure situations. The negative taunt and passive resistance for himself are meant to help in the case your placement will put Lumen in danger of enemy aggro. If either enemies or the environment inflict statuses on Lumen, then the passive resistance ensures Lumen will be back sooner. All the module does is give leeway for poor deployment order and risky placement options. Further upgrading it only increases the duration of his status buff, which is more than long enough already to be very effective and doesn’t really need a further upgrade.

Recommended Stage

As stated before, the module mostly gives leeway for risky and inefficient uses of Lumen. It doesn’t play to some of the strengths of the archetype, such as having the large range that gives them more leeway to stay out of harm’s way and still be effective at helping heal and handle status effects. It doesn’t give anything of much value as medics typically won’t be in harm’s way, and even with limited slots the Therapist range makes it easy for them to find a spot. It is a poor module to spend the limited module materials on even for the base effect, and the improved base stats isn’t something that is as important for medics as it would be for a DPS class.


Self-Inflicted Stun Operators

Some operators have downsides where they may inflict status effects with their skill uses, and Lumen can amend that downside and keep them in battle with ease.

  • Specter wants to be in the middle of battle soaking up a lot of damage, especially with the nature of her S2’s immortality. Once it stuns her when the skill ends, Lumen can easily get her back into the fight. The only time where it won’t work is if the threat is neutralized too quickly and she has already been brought back to full health, at which point you may not even need to Specter back to blocking that soon.
  • Eunectes is another operator that wants to be on the front lines and gets stunned when her skill ends. By nature, she wants to be used against bosses and elite enemies, which are more likely to be able to inflict damage to her, and if needed she can be brought up quickly to start blocking. This can help her charge her skill quickly again due to her trait, or simply to kill incoming mooks without needing to work around the stun duration.
  • Rockrock has the longest stun duration out of the operators mentioned here, and is also the hardest to use effectively with Lumen; this makes it a less likely synergy to matter. As Lumen requires allies to be damaged to heal them in the first place and Rockrock is a caster, one of the more vulnerable ranged DPS classes, she’s not one that you will want under a threat of ranged enemies to be damaged in the first place. In case you can afford her to take some aggro, however, you can work around her long potential stun from S2 with Lumen while he still works on keeping her healed.

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Last updatedNovember 3, 2022