Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack

Heidi is a Bard Supporter with skills that, in addition to the buffs they grant, manipulate the block count of allied units. Depending on the skill chosen, she can bring either an offensive buff with a massive block count decrease, or a defensive one which also gives +1 block. She may not offer the best buffs, but she fills the niche of ally block count decrease. While this might be hard to work with, it can be very useful in some scenarios.

Trait:Does not attack but continuously restores the HP of all allies within range (the HP restored per second is equal to 10% of self ATK). Self is unaffected by Inspiration

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
80 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellempty cellactive cellempty cellempty cell
X2empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X3active cellactive celloperator cellactive cellactive cell
X4empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X5empty cellempty cellactive cellempty cellempty cell

Heidi gains max HP from her trust bonus, besides the ATK all Bards get, almost bringing her HP to the level of her branch's 6-stars. She also possesses the lowest ATK stat out of all Bards, which can be offset by her first talent. Additionally, due to being a welfare unit, she has a slightly longer base redeploy time and higher base DP cost compared to other operators of the same rarity and branch.


  • Talent 1 buff changes with the skill equipped, ensuring its relevance
  • Rare ability to manipulate ally block count
  • Quick cycles on both skills, especially with the second talent active, helping to synchronize ally skill activations with hers


  • Block count decrease can be dangerous if not used properly
  • Requires significant investment in both masteries and levels to reach her full potential


Crafty Rebel

When Skill 1 is equipped, allies within range gain +5% ATK; when Skill 2 is equipped, allies within range gain +5% DEF

This talent gives bonus stats that are on par with lower-value trust bonuses. It’s not very important, but helps Heidi in buffing allies within her range; most importantly, it also applies to herself, boosting her Inspire buff. The dependence on the skill chosen helps make sure you get the buff relevant to your strategy.

Private Messenger

Increases SP recovery of all allies in range by 0.5/sec while in [Shatterpoint]

This talent, while offering a sizable boost to Heidi and her allies’ SP recovery, comes with a severe limitation—it’s only active in Episode 10 stages. It doesn’t mean Heidi is unusable outside of Shatterpoint, but she won’t have one of her advantages in a majority of stages.


Recommended Skill

Tale of Fiction: A Warrior's Anger

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
10 sec

All ally units within range have -3 Block and gain Inspiration equal to 110% of Heidi's ATK

This skill, while being harder to use, is generally her preferred skill. It gives a decent ATK buff to all allies in her range, which is especially noticeable on lower ATK units. Usually the way to play this skill is to position ranged operators within Heidi’s range, leaving your melee units out of it so they can still block while the skill is active. It can also be used to decrease a melee unit’s block count to avoid taking damage, such as from the Londinium Cannon in Episode 10. Besides the block count decrease, this skill offers a decent ATK buff that, while generally outclassed by other options, comes with a short cycle, allowing it to be easily lined up with short burst skills.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

As mentioned above, this skill is generally outclassed by other buffs that don’t come with the block decrease. This skill’s main advantage then becomes that very same debuff, which is not affected by mastery. The gains in SP cost and initial SP are not significant enough to be worth upgrading for alone. That being said, M1 is by far the most beneficial mastery, holding half of the ATK percentage increase and benefits to both SP cost and initial SP.

Tale of Fiction: Rust

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

All ally units within range gain +1 Block, and Inspiration equal to 70% of Heidi's DEF and 30% of Heidi's max HP. This unit's Trait effect is increased to 30%

S2 is Heidi’s defensive option, offering an increase in her passive healing, as well as the block count and defensive stats of surrounding operators. The buffs are relevant for both ranged and melee units for different reasons—the former generally lack HP and DEF, so the skill gives them a significant boost, whereas the latter will benefit from increased block count. This skill, thanks to its rare max HP buff, can be used to tank both physical and Arts attacks. The passive regen boost is welcome, but it won’t keep your operators alive when under heavy pressure, so bringing another healer is almost always necessary where this skill would find use. Similar to her first skill, while it may be outclassed in terms of defensive buffs or regen skills, it’s the next best thing with an easy-to-manage cycle, especially if Heidi’s second talent is active.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The skill’s most unique buff, the block increase for everyone in range, doesn’t change with mastery; neither does the uptime. The skill is a capable enough alternative for those in need of the stat buffs to leave at SL7 for the majority of players.



Low ATK Operators

Heidi will be able to significantly boost the performance of low-ATK operators with her S1. The two most prominent examples are Marksman Snipers and Mech-accord Casters. Marksmen will be the ones benefiting the most from flat ATK buffs like Heidi’s due to how physical damage is calculated, allowing them to break through the DEF of more enemies. Additionally, the debuff on Heidi’s S1 won’t be an issue for these two ranged branches.

Summoners and Unhealable Operators

Heidi’s passive regen affects usually unhealable units such as Musha and Reaper Guards, Juggernaut Defenders and summons. While not the best option in that regard, she can still provide some healing to them through her trait, and boost their defensive capabilities with her S2. Musha Guards and Reapers will especially benefit from her S2. The former getting better laneholding capabilities, the latter gaining an increased healing ceiling, as they are able to heal themselves based on their block count.

Centurion Guards

Heidi's S1 has an anti synergy with Centurion Guards. The number of enemies attacked by this branch is tied to their block count, however when their block count is decreased to 0, they will be able to attack only one enemy. Centurions can still benefit from Heidi's ATK buff, but won't perform well if not attacking multiple enemies. Make sure to place your Centurions and other similar operators outside of Heidi's range when using S1.

Bard Supporters

Not as much a bad synergy, as simply mechanical exclusivity. All Bards apply their buffs through the Inspire mechanic, which is mutually exclusive, with only the highest effect being applied. If bringing Heidi to a team with another bard, make sure that they don't buff the same stats, if they do, one of the buffs will be wasted if not cycled properly.

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Last updatedOctober 19, 2022