Rarity: 6 stars
Rarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Arts Damage

Gnosis is a Hexer Supporter specialized in providing short duration damage amplification and crowd control through the Freeze debuff. He’s one of the most consistent options available for both of those and deals respectable damage himself. Compared to others within the branch, his debuffs are shorter in duration and thus work best in tandem with burst operators rather than with more sustained damage output. He struggles with applying his debuffs to a lot of enemies at once quite as effectively as to a single target. With his strengths and weaknesses, he has a solid spot in any roster. He is one of the best of his kind in general content, and still retains a niche in more specialized cases.

Trait:Deals Arts damage

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.6 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X2active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3active celloperator cellactive cellactive cell
X4active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X5empty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell


  • Consistent abilities make him simple and easy to use efficiently
  • Freeze works as both a damage amplifier and a RES debuff with his kit, and is best used with Arts damage dealers
  • Chills on normal attacks serve as great primers for himself and other Chill-inflicting operators


  • Short durations on his Chill/Freeze procs make him less effective at continuous damage output and longer stalling
  • Higher damage amplification and RES debuff are locked behind Freeze, meaning he is ineffective against most bosses and certain special enemies who are immune to it


Rigid Ice

Attacks inflict Cold for 1 second; Apply 25% Fragile effect to Cold enemies within range. Frozen enemies within range receive double the Fragile effect

Chill: ASPD -30. If Chill effect is stacked, duration is refreshed and effect changes to Freeze
Freeze: RES -15. Unable to move, attack and use skills.

This talent is core to his kit, and a powerful enabler for himself and other Chill-inflicting operators. It has a short proc duration, but it’s enough to enable other Chill-inflicting operators to freeze consistently. The doubled Fragile effect against Frozen enemies allows Gnosis to have one of the highest damage amplifications in the game, on top of the -15 RES debuff that Freeze inflicts.

Certain events and game modes that allow for increasing debuff durations and/or provide high ASPD buffs also make it easy for Gnosis to potentially perma-freeze enemies with his normal attacks. These include Integrated Strategies and Stationary Security Service, which are permanent game modes.

Two Paths, One Goal

Grants Resist to all [Karlan Trade] Operators after Gnosis has been deployed for 10 seconds

Not a particularly useful talent, as it is too limited to be useful in most teams and on most maps. Though nice where it may apply, it remains unlikely to be very impactful.


High-Speed Cogitation

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

The next attack deals 170% ATK as Arts damage and attacks twice consecutively

A fairly spammable skill thanks to its low SP cost. The double hit guarantees the main target will be Frozen. Its damage is okay, but both of Gnosis’ other skills allow him to debuff multiple enemies within range, are still effective against single targets, and still have good enough damage output. As such, S1 doesn’t find much use outside AFK strats.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The skill already doesn’t have much of a purpose in his kit, and the mastery gains are extremely weak. It only gains a minor increase to DPS, even with amplification taken into account, meaning that at M3 it’ll perform mostly the same as at SL7.

Recommended Skill

Zero-Point Burst

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Deals 200% ATK as Arts damage to all enemies within Attack Range and inflict Cold for 4 seconds; Charged effect: Inflicts an additional layer of Cold

A very spammable skill that works well both when used regularly and when charged. If you wish to focus on a specific enemy, the skill can be chained with his normal attacks to guarantee very high uptime on the Freeze. Its charged effect is easy to make use of thanks to the low SP cost and guarantees that all non-immune enemies in range will be frozen. This allows for consistent and powerful bursts of damage within the duration of the Freeze. The damage is a cherry on top, amplified by Fragile and Freeze RES debuffing. It performs well both in general content and for special game modes thanks to its great versatility and consistency.

This skill works very well together when used with other Chill-inflicting operators even when not charged. It is not prone to targeting like Gnosis’ normal attacks, and can be used at will when uncharged for an easy Freeze when other operators have already inflicted Chill.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

The skill has great benefits from the third mastery level, improving all you’d really want with it. Mastery 3 grants both a Chill duration increase and SP cost reduction, enabling better consistency and Fragile duration, which are two things Gnosis can benefit greatly from. It is not worthwhile to upgrade it unless going for the third level since the damage is not the main thing you want this skill for.

Recommended Skill


Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
13 sec

ASPD +130 and attacks 2 enemies simultaneously; Extend the effect duration of Frozen enemies within Attack Range until the skill ends, then deal 600% ATK as Arts damage to all Frozen enemies and remove the Frozen effect when the skill ends; Prioritizes enemies that are not Frozen

The option for when what you need is longer crowd control/amplification to burst down a target. While not instant like S2, the very high ASPD buff, multi-targeting, and special targeting makes it easy for Gnosis to freeze everything within range before the skill is over. Its good skill cycle makes it easy to use multiple times in a level, while also having good damage output by itself from the fast attacks and final burst. It is a powerful skill, but still mostly serves to benefit short burst windows as it is still around half the duration of other Fragile options.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Mastery provides some good benefits, but the main gain is the additional second of duration per level. More leeway on his short Freeze window is nice to have. His damage output also gets a good boost from the further increased ASPD and the big increase to the final burst.


Chill-inflicting Operators

Gnosis is the most consistent Chill-inflicting operator, and other options, which have greater limitations on their Chill procs, still have benefits locked behind Freeze. Gnosis complements them extremely well even for his normal attacks alone, as they make a big difference in enabling those other options.

Kjera and Aurora are notable options who were released alongside him. Both are damage dealers that will benefit from Gnosis’ Freeze and Fragile. In Kjera’s case, she is held back by her S2 Chill procs being RNG, and she will benefit from the RES debuff during the Freeze. For Aurora, she inflicts Chill on attacks with an ammo-based skill, and by herself only a portion of her hits will benefit from the large multiplier against frozen enemies. Gnosis allows most of her hits to benefit from the massive multiplier, making a big difference in her total damage output within a single skill usage.

Burst Operators

Gnosis works best amplifying operators with instant skills or short duration bursts. This includes branches such as the Swordmaster Guards and Executor Specialists. Others outside these branches with manual burst skills such as Horn S2 and Fiammetta S2 benefit similarly. Mystic casters with their charges benefit from both Gnosis’ Freeze debuff and amplification.

Outside instant manual burst skills, there are many non-instant skills that are short enough to greatly benefit from Gnosis. Exusiai and Eyjafjalla for example have burst skills lasting 15 seconds, while Gnosis S3 can last about 13 seconds. Options that have longer bursts, such as Surtr S3 and Horn S3, can benefit from the shorter but more powerful amplification. Surtr is likely to kill or nearly kill most things under the effect of Gnosis’ Freeze within those few seconds, while Horn S3 overdrive lasts 12 seconds being enough to easily benefit from the entirety of the amplification duration.

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Last updatedSeptember 24, 2022