Rarity: 6 stars
Rarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Gladiia is a Hookmaster Specialist with stronger offensive capabilities. She is a much better fighter than others of the same archetype, thanks to her increased damage against lower weight enemies and passive regeneration. She can handle directly fighting enemies which allows her to serve a role similar to a guard, while also providing crowd control. With this, she ends up being plenty useful even if you don’t want to focus on her displacement capability.

Trait:Can Shift enemies by using skills
Can be deployed on Ranged Tiles

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.8 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
80 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

Her offensive stats are rather good, similar to other pullers, but the way Gladiia stands out is by having noticeably higher base HP than the others. This makes her overall much better at direct combat, especially with her talents which increase both her survivability and damage output, letting her get the most out of her stats.


  • Good stats allow her to perform similarly to a guard
  • Strong capability both individually and as a support
  • Strong sustainability for self and other Abyssal Hunters
  • Second talent applies to most enemies in the game.
  • DPS is based on multipliers, scaling well with ATK buffs.
  • Low deployment cost with max potential


  • Fairly slow ASPD means that her DPS is not that good despite high DPH.
  • Combat performance drops drastically against heavier targets.
  • Not as good as using an actual guard most of the time if you’re not making use of her displacement or crowd control.


Waves of Ægir

When deployed, all [Abyssal Hunter] Operators recover 2.5% Max HP every second and receive 25% less Physical and Arts damage from [Sea Monster] enemies

This talent is great even just for herself, scaling well with her high HP. It allows her to be placed much more aggressively since she can sustain herself well. This is especially important as she will be pulling enemies towards herself to fight. Additionally affecting other Abyssal Hunters is a nice bonus, especially for Specter since it will scale additively with Specter’s own HP regen.

Survival of the Fittest

When attacking enemies with 3 or less weight, increase ATK to 130%

This talent helps Gladiia make up for her slow ASPD by increasing her DPH. Most enemies that you will face will usually have a weight of 3 or less, meaning the talent will be working most of the time. It’s a great bonus to have, and considering it’s an attack multiplier like all of her skills, they will stack together multiplicatively and scale well with ATK buffs.


Waterless Parting of the Great Ocean

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
0 sec

The next attack drags the target towards this unit significantly, dealing 210% ATK as Physical damage
Can store 3 charge(s)

A basic, single-target, automatic pull. As with all pullers, it’s best used if you need to constantly pull enemies towards her without needing much control. It has nice damage, can hold charges unlike other pullers, and has a low SP cost that just makes it an overall solid skill. Useful when you need a basic pull to do the job, but not much more than that. However, this skill does end up being more map dependent than the others, as if there is no hole for Gladiia to pull enemies into, this skill ends up being pretty much useless.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

S1 is overall alright but ends up being less generally useful than the other skills, hence its lower priority. However it has already proven itself to be very strong for specific maps and strategies, meaning it does have merit if it fits the right criteria. If investing into this skill, make sure to plan ahead for where and how it will be used, and it will otherwise be wasted to go all the way to M3 for a pull force increase that may never come to use.

Recommended Skill

Waterless Grasp of the Raging Seas

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

Attack Interval increases, Attack Range expands; Each attack targets 2 enemies, prioritizes blocked enemies, deals 180% ATK as Physical damage and drags them towards this unit significantly

X1empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

A mix of multi-target damage and pulling with good coverage and cycling. Overall her DPS will be lower if used against a single target, due to the big interval increase. Most importantly, Gladiia will be constantly pulling enemies with the increased range which can open up interesting strategies or opportunities for attack interruption thanks to the constant displacement while active.

The skill is the only alternative to Cliffheart that can pull with a wider range, which solidifies a niche for this skill. It can make use of Gladiia’s better survivability by drawing in lower-to-mid weight enemies towards her which she can then handle with relative ease. It can be used to take pressure off other operators, consistently pull multiple enemies towards a hole for an instant kill, or simply to keep reeling back a dangerous enemy so they’re an easier target.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

S2 is Gladiia’s overall best skill making it an easy recommendation to invest into if wanting something more from her. The skill’s overall scaling is alright by itself and it’s mostly relevant to M3 for the pull force increase. This skill’s aim is to be constantly pulling multiple enemies to self, and a stronger pull allows it to be much more effective in general at getting the job done.

Recommended Skill

Waterless Dance of the Shattered Maelstrom

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
8 sec

Binds a faraway target and generates a tornado centered on it, inflicting -50% Movement Speed to nearby enemies. Enemies caught in the tornado receive 130% ATK as Arts damage and are dragged towards the center significantly once every 1.5 seconds. The target and nearby enemies are dragged towards this unit significantly after the skill duration

This skill has multiple aspects to it and focuses much more on crowd-control support. The skill’s crowd control with enemies being slower, pulled and grouped up in the center allows it to serve as a strong setup for AoE bombs and bursts. It has a lot of potential, but can also cause issues if you don’t make good use of it. Enemies who don’t die are pulled towards Gladiia at the end of the skill with no target limit meaning it could cause a leak, or result in Gladiia dying, depending on what is pulled.

The bind can easily be used to target a specific enemy, as it will always be the farthest one from her. The tornado has a good radius, thus making it easy to catch smaller enemies. The slow also guarantees heavier enemies will be held back, while faster, lightweight enemies will struggle to get out of its constant pulls.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

S3 gets the most out of the force increase. Pulls have a duration that they pull for, and the Tornado’s pulls are shorter in duration meaning that having a stronger force ends up more significant so it can do its job better. The rest of the scaling gains are simply alright.


Gladiia module

Consul's Handmirror


Attack Power
When shifting enemies, the targets take Arts Damage proportional to distance traveled (800 damage per tile shifted)
When deployed, all [Abyssal Hunter] Operators recover 3.5% Max HP every second and receive 30% less Physical and Arts damage


Abyssal Hunters

Obviously, thanks to her HP regeneration talent, they will all benefit to a certain degree. The biggest winners will be Specter and Skadi (Guard). Specter already has a strong HP regen and being able to essentially double it is very noticeable. Since Skadi already has a rather high HP stat, she will benefit the most out of all Abyssal Hunters, especially when using her S3. The high max HP boost from Skadi (Guard)’s S3 combined with Gladiia’s talent allows Skadi to face against more powerful enemies due to the strong passive sustainability. It’s something that breathes some life into a forgotten operator and can be potentially fun, but won’t change her relevance.


6SupporterDecel Binder

An obvious choice since Angelina can reduce enemy weight. This means that Gladiia can benefit from her talent against more enemies for additional damage and apply crowd-control more easily. Angelina will also give Gladiia a small boost to her ASPD, increasing her DPS. Simple and fairly effective together.

AoE Operators

The most easily noticeable combo for Gladiia’s S3 is Firewatch with S2 and W with S3. Those skills benefit greatly from being able to overlap multiple explosions against the same enemies for maximum burst. Gladiia is great at grouping up enemies for them to make this more practical to do.



Since Gladiia will want to pull in multiple enemies to block with her S2, she allows Rosmontis to more easily find targets to hit during her S3 due to its targeting restriction. Being a multi-target pull means that you can also get more out of it with Rosmontis’ own multi-targeting splash AoEs overlapping targets, making it even deadlier.

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