The Invincible


Gavial The Invincible
Rarity: 6 stars
LimitedRarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Gavial the Invincible is a Centurion Guard with a focus on survivability and damage output. She’s able to gain more of both the more enemies she blocks, and boosts any healing she receives, making it easy to sustain her in combat. Straightforward to use and strong without much investment, Gavial the Invincible proves to be a very reliable operator to players at any stage of progression and is useful in a variety of content.

Trait:Attacks all blocked enemies

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.2 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cell


  • Enhanced healing gained from talent and damage reduction from S3 make it easier to sustain her through high damage situations compared to other operators while dishing out high damage
  • Her S2 brings the fight to her, making it easy to get a lot out of the skill and blocking more enemies to stack her talent 1 stat buffs
  • S3 damage delay being applied over time post-skill allows her to be easily sustained through the DoT combined with her second talent
  • Performs well even without much investment, making her a reliable operator for new players while still scaling well for more seasoned ones


  • While S3 boasts great burst potential, it has no range increase, thus relying on letting usually dangerous enemies get very close
  • Relies a lot on being used in tandem with healers as she wants to be in the middle of the fight constantly, but only has self-sustain on her weakest skill



Increases ATK and DEF by 10%, increased by a further 4% for each blocked enemy

This talent serves as a noticeable stat increase. It goes well with the rest of her kit, which is geared around her being on the frontlines. Works very well in tandem with her S2, which pulls unblocked enemies she hits towards herself.

Medical Background

Increases this unit's healing received by 20%, increased to 40% when under half HP

As Gavial is designed to constantly be in combat, this talent helps her deal with pressure more easily on top of her innate survivability. It’ll be difficult for most enemies to bring her down even when she’s being sustained by only basic medics. The increase for healing under 50% works very well with powerful instant heals that are used when below the 50% threshold, such as many Guardian Defenders S1s, Warfarin’s S1, and Tuye S2.


Precise Thrashing

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
25 sec

ATK +80%, each attack restores HP to this unit equal to 40% of the damage dealt

A basic skill that gives Gavial some self-sustain in combat rather than relying on being used with healers. Overall, it boasts decent damage output and heals quite a lot, especially against multiple targets. This healing is further boosted by her second talent, and the skill has a short cycle and good uptime. Relative to her other skills, however, it’s much weaker—especially once masteries are involved—but can be a reliable skill early on for newer players who may struggle to keep her alive.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

Mastery gains are overall rather poor, owing to the poor damage increase with each level of mastery, even if it doubles as a healing increase too. Since its uptime and cycle remain unchanged, it doesn’t really do much to make her more competitive with solo laneholders with consistent healing and permanent skills. It is best to use the resources on either of her other skills, as they are much stronger.

Recommended Skill

Chainsaw Assault

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
40 sec

Attack Range expands, ATK +180%, DEF +50%; When attacking unblocked enemies, pulls them towards this unit moderately

X1empty cellactive cellactive cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cell
X3empty cellactive cellactive cell

This skill goes very well with her first talent, as it will pull the enemy towards her with the expanded attack range, making it easier for her to gain higher stats through blocking. It’s very easy to dish out a lot of damage with the skill due to the expanded range(compared to her other skills where enemies need to be much closer). It has a long duration and a short downtime, making it fairly consistent and great for dealing with multiple waves of enemies. The skill can even be used for stalling dangerous enemies, as, with proper positioning, the pull and her fast attack interval will allow Gavial to pull enemies into unwalkable tiles which will slow them down. The ATK increase itself is quite high, making her able to deal high damage even to high DEF enemies, all while being quite tanky herself due to the additional DEF.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Masteries improve all aspects of the skill, increasing its uptime and damage output at all levels. Additionally, it improves the DEF increase with M3, allowing her to become even harder to kill for the skill’s duration. The medium recommendation stems from the fact the skill is already very usable at SL7, but players who lack other strong consistent damage sources could treat it with a higher priority.

Recommended Skill

Soul of the Jungle

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
25 sec

ATK +140%, ASPD +100, Block +2; While this skill is active, this unit only takes 50% of incoming damage, with the remaining amount dealt as HP loss over 20 seconds after this skill ends

While less general, it boasts higher survivability and a higher damage output ceiling than her second skill. This is primarily due to the large ASPD boost and damage reduction/delay. The very high DPS during skill uptime, combined with the block count increase, allows Gavial to shred through groups of powerful enemies with ease. It is especially notable in Stationary Security Service, where she’s likely to often have more enemies in range and the additional equipment buffs make this skill even more powerful.

The damage delay mechanic goes very well with her second talent, as there are scenarios where it might be difficult to sustain her otherwise, especially against True and Arts damage. The skill has very high burst potential, so she’s able to survive through most battles as a frontliner, taking only half the damage for the duration while dealing high amounts of damage herself. Once the skill ends, having all the damage she would’ve otherwise taken be spread over a 20 second DoT makes it relatively easy to heal, and her second talent makes it so even basic medics have an easy time keeping her alive post-skill. It’s very powerful in the right situations, but will generally be overkill which is why it is less generally useful than her second skill which can excel in many situations.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Masteries offer good increases to damage output and some SP cost reductions, and have a good spike at the final upgrade thanks to further increasing the ASPD. It has a low priority because while very strong, it will be overkill in the vast majority of stages. It also sacrifices the uptime and range compared to her S2, making it more inconsistent. That said, it remains a strong skill and is worth considering.


Block Buffers

Since Gavial’s damage output scales based on how many enemies she blocks, in swarm scenarios buffing her block count to chew through enemy hordes can be a very effective strategy. The higher her block count, the more enemies she’s able to kill (both due to her multi-targeting being based on block count and the potential stat gain from blocking).

HP Threshold Healers

There are multiple medics and skills that focus on healing operators at or below the 50% HP threshold, which works very well in conjunction with her second talent. Typically they are burst heals which will be greatly amplified by her second talent. These include the first skills of some Guardian Defenders, Warfarin’s S1, and Tuye’s S2, which would all serve as very powerful heals for Gavial. In situations where she gets brought down to that threshold, they easily bring her up to full or almost full HP and make it hard to feel pressured by enemies when it is so easy for them to sustain her.

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Last updatedJanuary 17, 2023