Rarity: 4 stars
Rarity: 4 stars
Regular Attack

Gavial is a Single-target Medic that shines when healing operators under pressure. She’s an effective choice for her rarity, but suffers from extremely low uptime on her S2 and wastage issues on her S1. As an operator obtainable from the Credit Store, she’ll be easily accessible for all players from the get-go. It’s recommended to get her from the Credit Store even if you don’t intend on using her to unlock the additional store slot.

Trait:Restores the HP of allies

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
2.87 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3active cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

Gavial has lower-than-average ATK compared to most single-target medics, both innately from levels and due to her split trust bonus. However, she has higher DEF and more HP than the main competitors at her rarity.


  • Strong burst heal applicable to whole range, useful where high sustained healing isn’t needed
  • Decent ST healing option, useful when only a few targets are under heavy damage pressure


  • Talent is not very useful with proper aggro management, and doesn’t help her skills much
  • Very short burst healing and easily wasted ST healing skill


Battlefield Medic

After deployed, all [Medic] Operators' ATK +10% and DEF +100, lasting 15 seconds

While it offers a good DEF increase and covers most of the time needed to charge her S2 (at SL7), it isn’t too relevant if you’re not forced to follow a deployment order that puts your medics under threat. It does however let her survive physical ranged enemies if used as a helidrop burst healer. The small ATK bonus might be useful if your team is heavy on Medics, but won’t be useful for herself unless her S2 is M2 or higher (or you invest in her module).


Vitality Restoration

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Buffs the target ally in the next healing, restoring HP by 35% of Gavial's ATK (by 70% of Gavial's ATK when the target's HP is lower than 50%) per second, lasting 5 seconds
Can store 3 charge(s)

Her more consistent healing skill. It’ll often be wasted on healing chip damage, but has decent peak performance if a few units do end up under higher stress. Usable, but not too notable.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

While mastery offers decent increases to all aspects of the skill, it doesn’t change the scope of threats Gavial can help operators face. Hence why mastery isn’t recommended.

Recommended Skill

Vitality Restoration - Wide Range

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Buffs all allies within range immediately, restoring HP by 30% of Gavial's ATK (by 80% of Gavial's ATK when the target's HP is lower than 50%) per second, lasting 10 seconds

A quick burst of healing to support your team while fighting a dangerous enemy or a particularly dire part of a wave. It’ll probably keep most of your units alive for the short duration, but has a very long cooldown. The skill has a high initial SP compared to its cost and even allows her to utilize her talent with mastery, making it suitable for emergency healing.

It’s important to note the additional healing from this skill is a status effect that persists even if Gavial is retreated, but it will only target allied units that can be healed (and so cannot help sustain summons or unhealable operators). This might make it more desirable to retreat her after it’s activated in some circumstances.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

Mastery has significant improvements to the total healing and the skill’s initial SP, allowing it to be helidropped. Its lack of a recommendation stems from the fact that there aren’t many situations in the game where Gavial will be able to utilize her advantage of healing all allies in range. If such a situation arises, it’s usually best to use a Multi-target Medic, who will be able to sustain your team effectively for more than 10 seconds.


Gavial module



Attack Power

Both of the module’s additional Trait and Talent upgrades can be helpful for Gavial in some situations. While the talent remains mostly irrelevant for S1 as a sustained healing skill, it may help S2’s healing output slightly. The per-second healing on her S2 is snapshotted—that is, the healing is based on her ATK at the moment of activation. So while the talent upgrade does nothing if you plan to retreat Gavial immediately after activating her skill, it may be helpful in situations where you want to keep her on the field a little longer.

Recommended Stage

While the module won’t boost Gavial’s S2 healing due to the skill snapshotting her ATK, it helps her normal healing where she does stay on the field for a bit. However, since Gavial’s use with S2 is redeploy-heavy, it doesn’t do enough for her kit to be worth getting. Those who enjoy using Gavial can get most of the benefits at Stage 2, as that will allow it to last a full S2 duration.

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Last updatedJanuary 17, 2023