Rarity: 6 stars
Rarity: 6 stars
Regular Attack
Arts Damage

Ebenholz is a Mystic Caster specialized in killing elite enemies and bosses with his charge build-up and special targeting. While he has great potential for large bursts against said enemies, and while he’s even more effective against enemies with invulnerability phases or ones that become untargetable, Ebenholz lacks other specific usages. He’s limited by the one-dimensionality and poor self-synergy in his kit and lacks utility to make up for it, but when the circumstances allow for it his burst damage can be a valuable asset.

Trait:Attacks deal Arts damage; When unable to find a target, attacks can be stored up and fired all at once (Up to 3 charges)

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
3 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X2operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3empty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

Ebenholz has the highest ATK in his branch by a decent margin, which is welcome for any damage-focused unit. His HP is also towards the higher end when it comes to Casters.


  • Powerful initial burst due to empowered charges from trait; scales well with additional buffs
  • Targeting rules, such as from S3 and his first talent, help avoid wasting some or all of his stored charges on weaker enemies
  • Effective against enemies and bosses with invulnerability/untargetability phases and skills
  • Quick skill cycles help with building up charges and ensuring bursts hit the right targets


  • Power is centered around initial burst; lacks any form of utility and provides much weaker damage output once his charges have been fired
  • S2 is often wasted on weak enemies, has a short duration, and does not work with his talents
  • Many bosses and dangerous elites have mid-to-high RES, greatly lowering his effectiveness against them without any buffs or debuffs



Stored attacks deal 135% damage; Can store 1 extra charge that is only used when attacking elite or boss enemies

This talent helps to reduce the impact of downtime and ensure one-hit-kills against enemies that enter his range. The added conditional charge helps guarantee his burst against more valuable targets even in suboptimal usage as well as raising his damage ceiling when dealing with them.

Additionally, the bonus charge counts towards gaining the bonus ASPD from his Module Y upgrade.


If there are no other enemies near the target, attacks deal an additional 15% ATK as Arts damage

Note: This talent is in effect if there are no other enemies in a 1.1 tile radius; hostile stage equipment does not count as enemies.

This talent doesn’t significantly contribute to his output, but represents a nice bonus where other operators can isolate the elite enemy or boss from the rest of the enemies, or where they come alone. This talent applies to each individual from charges.


Quickening Presto

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
5 sec

Attack Range changes, Attack Interval is massively reduced, and each attack deals 50% ATK as Arts damage

X1operator cellactive cellactive cellactive cellactive cell

This skill’s main purpose is to allow Ebenholz to quickly build multiple charges with a fast skill rotation. It can also be used to snipe far away enemies with multiple charged shots, but this is usually impractical due to the damage reduction. Charge building will be affected by the interval reduction and thus allow him to easily get to max charges within the short 5 second duration. The limited range can also make it harder for him to target enemies, ensuring charges are built and then, once the skill is over, immediately shot at a nearby enemy.

S1 has a notable synergy with his Module Y upgrades, as the AoE damage is based on his ATK stat and not the damage dealt. Since the splash damage is also only dealt on non-fatal hits, the lowered damage to the main target will ensure splash damage is easily dealt to enemies around them.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

While the improved cycle is nice, it’s good enough at SL7 for what it does and isn’t really worth the cost of masteries. It lacks much to give it purpose within his kit outside being an early option due to his S3 already possessing special targeting. The synergy with his Module Y isn’t improved much by masteries either.

Desolate Echoes

Per Second RecoveryAuto Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost

Expends all stored attack charges and summons stored attack charges +1 Old Day Remnants on deployable tiles within Attack Range (lasts for 30 seconds). The Remnants activate when enemies approach, each dealing 245% ATK as Arts damage to nearby enemies and dragging them towards itself moderately

Note: Old Day Remnants do not benefit from the talent multiplier for charges from his first talent, they have a splash range of 1.35. The explosion delay of the Remnants is 0.93 seconds and cannot hit airborne enemies.

This skill can be used to set up a large nuke in the backline for one or more enemies, as all held charges are expended when a target enters range. The pull then serves to get them in range of as many mines as possible to maximize damage. It’s worth keeping in mind that the pull is actually executed as a push inwards, meaning it applies its force instantly and will be more heavily affected by weight. This makes it much harder for Ebenholz to pull many elite enemies and bosses into triggering more remnants for maximum damage.

The Old Day Remnants have a relatively short duration in case any are left, meaning they can’t be used to easily lay down a “minefield”. They also suffer for their lack of special targeting, meaning any enemy passing through will rid him of his charges and waste the Remnants. Many common enemies have low weight and will be pulled to trigger more Remnants than are required.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The skill has too many ways of rendering charges insignificant to recommend investment. While the multiplier increase is good, especially when taking into account multiple Remnants, it doesn’t address the skill’s downsides.

Recommended Skill

Sound of Silence

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

ASPD +80, ATK +65% and only targets elite or boss enemies. The damage boosting effect of this unit's first Talent increases to 140% of the original
Can manually deactivate skill at will

Ebenholz’s main skill for his burst specialty, the skill serves not only as a major damage boost, but also as a way to streamline his setup process. It offers a major increase to the additional multiplier for his charges, and thus should be activated shortly before he fires stored charges to ensure maximum damage. This skill also makes it easier to burst down the desired enemy, thanks to its special targeting for elite and boss enemies. Thanks to the large ASPD boost, after the burst, Ebenholz is able to provide some sustained damage to finish off survivors, and in the case of no enemies left, allows him to regain his charges very quickly in time for the next elite enemy. The long duration and small SP cost encourages the skill to be used as often as possible to your advantage to perform multiple charges for multiple bursts. The manual deactivation reduces the possibility for wasted uptime and allows for easier cycling.

Its long maximum duration allows for multiple uses, such as preemptively activating the skill to ignore any unavoidable non-elite and non-boss enemies coming into his range. If the setup is favorable and the burst is able to instantly kill an enemy with multiple phases, the skill may be left active. The high ASPD allows Ebenholz to make use of the downtime during any invulnerability phases of potential targets to gain charges again. This is one of his strengths, and can help burst down multi-phase bosses quickly with ease.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

Masteries are a good overall boost to burst power and general usage. While the damage boosting values don’t seem too high, it is important to consider the multi-hit aspect of his burst making them more impactful than it seems. It remains a low priority primarily due to Ebenholz’ low overall impact on a roster. While he has situations where he excels, he doesn’t provide enough value to be considered a high priority, and has many caveats for what he achieves.


Ebenholz module

Originium Dice Case


Attack Power
Attack Speed
Attacks deal Arts damage; When unable to find a target, attacks can be stored up and fired all at once (Up to 4 charges)
Stored attacks deal 143% damage; Can store 1 extra charge that is only used when attacking elite or boss enemies

The module at its base is a significant upgrade to Ebenholz, especially with how much more powerful his fully charged shots are for his burst compared to other Mystic Casters. An additional charge makes a big difference against stronger targets that are becoming more common to face. Additional stats complement mystics well, a small increase to ASPD and the additional ATK fit well for the way that Ebenholz will be played. Additional upgrades focus on his burst by increasing the multiplier on his charges, further cementing nis one main role as a burst operator.

Recommended Stage
Stage 1

The base upgrade is very good, as the additional charge capacity and stats combined help Ebenholz do what he does best while being overall cheap. However, additional upgrades aren’t recommended due to not doing enough to cover for his downsides, especially with their cost. Fans of Ebenholz should definitely get the base module at minimum, but most players may treat it with a low priority.

Ebenholz module

'Theory Expositor'


Attack Power
ASPD +30 when there are stored attacks
If there are no other enemies near the target, attacks deal an additional 20% ATK as Arts damage. Otherwise, attacks deal 36% ATK as Arts damage to enemies near the target

Note: This module is currently bugged—the additional ASPD does not take effect immediately after the first charge is generated, and will only take effect after two base interval charges are generated. This is only the case when starting from zero, as he maintains the ASPD buff if he fires his charges on non-elite and boss enemies and keeps his unique talent charge. The splash damage is applied for each individual charge hit, however hits are not counted if the damage of additional charges exceeds the enemy’s HP. This means if the damage of a single charge is enough to kill an enemy, then it will only apply the splash damage for that single charge, even if multiple stored charges were fired.

The module focuses less on improving Ebenholz’s specialty, and instead gives him an advantage in scenarios where he is not optimized just for his burst. Its base effect of gaining additional ASPD is something that works well with Ebenholz’s first talent, as the bonus charge with special targeting priority counts towards the bonus. This gives Ebenholz some improved output against regular enemies when he wouldn’t have time to charge for his burst anyway. It pairs very well with the module upgrades, which change his second talent to instead deal splash damage when the additional Arts damage wouldn't apply at all instead. He’s able to perform much better against regular mobs rather than focusing entirely on being just an elite and boss killer, but it does mean that he loses a lot of his potential power within his main specialty. The additional stats are okay, as the HP isn’t particularly useful but still provides a hefty increase to his ATK.

This module does prove to be a good pairing with his first skill, as the damage on the splash is based on his ATK stat. Since the reduction on his first skill is to damage dealt and not his ATK stat, the splash is still at full power when applied, and since direct hits deal less damage this means his charged shots are less prone to overkill and allow for more splash attacks to happen.

Recommended Stage

Ebenholz mostly excels at his main purpose of bursting enemies, which this module does very little to help towards. It’s hard to recommend it at all compared to his other module which greatly improves upon his main strength. This module mostly serves as a way to enable an unorthodox style of using Ebenholz, especially if you like his S1, but this does require at minimum a Level 2 upgrade which is a hefty amount of limited materials that simply isn’t worth it.


ATK Buffers

Ebenholz scales disproportionately well with additional ATK buffs thanks to the large total multiplier on his S3. His most prominent buffers will be Warfarin (S2), Suzuran (S3), Gnosis (S3), and Saria (S3). Even just one of these buffers can result in his performance being improved significantly, due to her high multipliers, AoE, and multiple hits. Due to his very high ATK stat, this doesn’t extend to Bard Supporters, whose buffs will end up a fairly small percentage of his total damage.

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Last updatedJanuary 17, 2023