Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack
Arts Damage

Czerny is an Arts Protector Defender with a focus on mixing offense and defense against Arts damage sources. He shines on maps with lots of Arts enemies to accentuate his high RES, high HP, and reflect talent, but will still perform decently without them. While not a trendsetter, he’s a solid unit within his branch and capable under the right circumstances.

Trait:Normal attacks deal Arts damage while the skill is active

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.6 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
80 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cell

Czerny has the highest base HP of his branch. Whereas other Arts Protectors gain mostly ATK from their trust bonuses, he gains less ATK and some max HP instead. Additionally, due to being a welfare unit, he has a slightly longer base redeploy time and higher base DP cost than other operators of the same rarity and branch. These are rectified by the easily accessible potential upgrades; however, this means he misses out on a potential stat upgrade.


  • High base RES and max HP allow for good Arts tanking, especially with S1 boosting his RES and S2 his max HP
  • High potential damage due to ATK stacks with S2 and pseudo-reflection talent when hit with Arts attacks
  • Taunt on S2 is useful for both charging his ATK stacks and keeping other units safe from ranged attacks


  • Damage output highly dependent on amount of hits received and is significantly lower against physical damage enemies, due to being unable to utilize his talent
  • Talent and S2 stacks cannot be triggered by damage over time, limiting their use cases
  • Relatively low DEF for a defender and no ways to boost it on his own make him subpar at tanking physical damage



RES +10. Deals 80% of Czerny's ATK as Arts damage to the attacker whenever Czerny receives Arts attacks

Note: This talent is not able to be triggered by DoT.

The notable thing about the bonus RES from this talent is that it’s treated as Czerny’s base RES, and is boosted by any buffs such as his own S1.

The passive reflect is decently strong, and can significantly contribute to his damage output, especially when combined with S2. The downside being that most enemies dealing Arts damage will also have a combination of relatively high RES and slower attack intervals. Being restricted to only enemies that use Arts damage makes this talent’s reflect situational.



Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
35 sec

ATK +80% and RES +100%

The big ATK buff makes it easier for him to deal with any blocked enemies and amplifies the reflect talent, but is not worth taking over S2 if damage is what you want from him. The RES increase is big at E2 which, when paired with its duration, will let him take on most Arts threats even without additional support. Because of how Arts damage is calculated, and the lack of additional base RES from E2, it will be less impressive in early stages of progression.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The biggest benefit from mastery is a significant uptime increase, but the skill is fairly generic with minimal gains in terms of ATK and RES. What it does can be covered by his other skill and thus it doesn’t warrant the investment.

Recommended Skill


Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
20 sec

Max HP +100% and becomes more likely to be attacked. For every attack taken, increases ATK by +30% (up to 10 times), then deals 250% ATK as Arts damage to all nearby enemies when the skill ends

Note: This skill cannot gain stacks from DoT.

The HP increase paired with his innate RES makes him fairly tanky, if harder to sustain for medics. If timing it for his final burst, keep in mind the detonation will occur after 18.6 seconds and not the full duration. When it goes off, it will hit any enemy whose hitbox is in the skill’s range. It is best used when Czerny is already blocking a few enemies, so he can ramp up his ATK quickly and make use of the rest of the duration with his normal attacks and reflect talent. The increased taunt can be helpful in gaining stacks and helps offset improper aggro management.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

This skill is not recommended for mastery. It does gain some notable improvements from mastery levels and the skill cycle and damage from it are not bad. That said, there are much easier to use skills or ones with a better damage output that players may want to invest in first. As for the max HP buff, it isn’t the best for tanking due to healers having a harder time keeping up with his high HP pool, and is already serviceable at SL7. Only invest in this skill if you specifically want Czerny to be a damage dealer or if you’re looking for more unconventional ways of dealing with ranged Arts threats.

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Last updatedJanuary 17, 2023