Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Aurora is a Duelist Defender meant to be used alongside other operators who inflict Chill to raise her initially low damage ceiling. She has good self-sustain between skill activations and the stat distribution expected of the subclass, but is ultimately not very competitive for the team slot.

Trait:Only restores SP when blocking enemies

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
1.6 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1operator cellactive cell


  • Good survivability is further improved by self-sustain from talent between skill uses
  • Talent makes it easier keep blocked enemies alive for charging skills
  • S2 has a high damage ceiling and very high damage per hit if you can enable it via Chill from other sources; good as a burst against elite enemies.


  • Trait blocks all sources of additional SP without module, making blocking a necessity to gain any SP at all
  • S2 damage is locked behind Freeze. Without other operators to help inflict Chill, her damage output suffers greatly
  • Talent makes her a lot more prone to leaking after using her skills.


Frigid Respite

When this unit's skill is not active and SP is less than or equal half the maximum, stops attacking and restores 3% Max HP every second

This talent is a double-edged sword–it allows Aurora to recover some initial SP using mobs she’d otherwise kill too quickly and provides some passive self-sustain, but it also makes her liable to leak even basic enemies. Plan accordingly.


Homeland Protector

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

Block +2, DEF +210% and gain Resist
Aurora is Stunned for 5 seconds after skill duration

This is a purely defensive skill that is only relevant in situations where the Resist puts her ahead of just using a Therapist and a Protector Defender. The stun and the fact she has to block enemies as a 1-block before activating it again makes her a haphazard option for this role.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

While this skill is ultimately very niche, if you really want to invest in it, it is recommended to stick to Mastery 2, as that has the main advantage of reducing the SP cost. The final level of mastery only minimally increases the DEF modifier.

Recommended Skill

Artificial Snowfall

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
0 sec

Attack Interval increases slightly, ATK +75%. Attacks inflict Cold for 2.5 seconds to the target; If the target is already Frozen, the attack will instead deal 330% of ATK as damage
Skill activation grants 9 ammo and the skill ends when all ammo is used (Can manually deactivate skill)

Chill: ASPD -30. If Chill effect is stacked, duration is refreshed and effect changes to Freeze
Freeze: RES -15. Unable to move, attack and use skills.

While the ATK modifier is alright, the main attraction of this skill is the large multiplier against frozen enemies. It makes Aurora a prime buffing target, but also makes her dependent on her allies as her own ability to freeze enemies is lacking. By default, she can only get 3 critical hits in, but this can be increased with other Chill-inflicting operators.

The skill’s lack of additional block count and single-target nature makes it something to use against isolated tough enemies, as she can break through even the toughest DEF in the game with her bonus against frozen enemies and kill even most elite mobs in just a few hits.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The gains to the ATK modifier and multiplier are noticeable, but the skill doesn’t lack damage even at SL7. The only other benefit is additional initial SP, which she doesn’t need much. Additionally, due to its reliance on other sources of Chill, this skill is generally not recommended to build unless going for a Freeze-centric strategy.


Aurora module

Shield Photography Module


Attack Power
SP recovery is slowed except when blocking enemies
When this unit's skill is not active and SP is less than or equal half the maximum, stops attacking and restores 4% Max HP every second

This module’s Stage 1 opens Aurora up to external batteries, which is a good bonus for her given the low SP cost of her skills relative to their effect. This comes with the minor downside of limiting the time she can spend under her self-sustain, though that'll only ever be an issue against ranged pressure or where the talent is needed for dealing with a specific enemy.

Recommended Stage
Stage 1

For this module, Stage 1 is the most impactful one. Subsequent stages aren’t too important. They partially compensate for the loss of time under the talent’s effect by buffing the HPS, which is a lot due to how much Max HP Aurora has, but they’re a very low priority given the scarcity of Module upgrade materials.




Gnosis is a natural synergy for any operator dependent on Freeze, as he currently has the easiest and longest application of Chill and Freeze in the game. In Aurora’s case, it’s a simple synergy. His S3M3, which provides ~12 seconds of uninterrupted Freeze, doubles Aurora’s damage output with S2 (increasing the number of critical hits from 3 to 6). With enough ASPD buffs (such as from Aak’s S3) and some timing, it is possible for all attacks with the skill to be critical hits.


Her situation is similar to Eunectes in this regard–the difference being that the only practical SP battery for Aurora is Liskarm. Liskarm makes up for Aurora’s 1-block and makes it so any enemies passing through improve SP generation. This is especially notable due to Aurora’s propensity towards leaking, which inhibits the other SP batteries, whether it be purely her talent effect or, in case it’s relevant, S1’s self-stun.

ATK Buffers

While Aurora’s S2 already has a sizable ATK buff by itself, much of her damage comes from her Freeze multiplier. This makes any additional ATK buffs have a very noticeable effect on her damage, especially with other Chill-inflicting operators.

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Last updatedSeptember 24, 2022