Rarity: 5 stars
Rarity: 5 stars
Regular Attack
Physical Damage

Ashlock is a Fortress Defender specialized in quick, long range damage rotations. While she is naturally tanky, her best damage dealing skill renders her unable to block and only deal damage making her a poor choice if looking for a hybrid of offense and defense.

Trait:Prioritize Long range splash attack (splash radius of 1.0 tiles) when not blocking

Operator Stats

Attack Power
Attack Speed
2.8 sec
Arts Resistance
Redeploy Time
70 sec
DP Cost
X1empty cellempty cellempty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell
X2operator cellempty cellempty cellactive cellactive cellactive cell
X3empty cellempty cellempty cellactive cellactive cellempty cell


  • Good damage output and quick rotations allow for ease of use
  • Long range splash makes it easy to deal with stand-by enemies long before they make a move


  • Very slow attacks outside of one skill makes her DPS rather low against single enemies
  • Inability to block during one of her skills makes it difficult if needing her to both deal damage or block in the frontlines


Bombardment Studies

ATK +8%. If the four adjacent tiles are ground tiles, ATK +16% instead

More ATK for a damage dealer is always nice, and the bonus is fairly noticeable thanks to Ashlock’s high base ATK stat. Maps often have narrow areas where the extra bonus can’t be made use of, but there are opportunities in more open maps with high enemy density where it can come to great effect with her splash attacks.


ATK Up γ

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
30 sec

ATK +100%

A basic ATK skill that doesn’t have much merit in helping with damage dealing. While her ATK stat gets a sizable increase, her DPS is still low due to the slow attacks. It can remain competitive only if you’re able to consistently hit far away enemies. Its main use over S2 is that it does not render her unable to block, but since her melee attacks lack the splash that can make this skill’s damage output more worthwhile it ends up being rather useless.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank

The ATK increase is fairly sizable and SP improvements decent, but the skill itself is still not worth using.

Recommended Skill

Focused Bombardment

Per Second RecoveryManual Trigger
Initial SP
SP Cost
10 sec

Cannot block enemies and only carry out ranged attacks. Attack Interval reduces significantly, ATK +55%

This skill is Ashlock’s main strength as it allows her to dish out bursts of splash damage while still having good single target damage. The main contributor to this is the skill’s large attack interval reduction, helping eliminate what holds the archetype back against non-group enemies. It still has a sizable ATK boost to help deal with even armored enemies, and its quick rotations allow it to be used very often against incoming waves.

Its main drawback is Ashlock’s inability to block for its duration. It may not be a large issue in some stages where she can wipe out most weaker enemies and weaken larger ones as they’re approaching, since the low duration means she’ll often be able to block again by then. But in some situations with very fast enemies, she won’t be able to effectively switch around when dealing with them.

Skill Mastery

Recommended Rank
Mastery 3

The skill does not have particularly high gains throughout, but it has a major spike at M3 with improved interval reduction. Going from -50% to -65% makes a big difference in her damage output, making it a priority if you plan on using Ashlock.


Crowd Controllers

Having a failsafe to help keep enemies at bay helps Ashlock greatly. Other operators such as the Ambusher archetype can stay further out in the frontline keeping enemies within Ashlock’s range while she is bursting them down and simultaneously ensure they don’t go too fast past her. It’s simple and effective if wanting to dispatch groups of enemies from a large distance.

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Last updatedApril 14, 2022